7 de julio de 2006

The Best Music & Guitar WOW Paco Rentería !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE REAL REASON (caps intended. Claro.)
If you haven't experienced Paco Renteria, I pity you the way I pity my last stage of life. WOW. He's better than a therapy session. In his music it is impossible to supress any emotion. "Seduce" really is the best way to describe it. The entire concert was a feast for the senses. By the end, they had the crowd clapping in rythm and dancing (I'm serious, it's impossible not to). You could taste teh energy of blood needing to be released, and even if it wasn't there the scent of incense and thd ocean lingered.

Paco Renteria a Gypsy from Spain and truly knows how to enchant. He came out barefoot in a white tunic while the rest of his group wore dark sage or black with hints of gold and red. The tumpeter had a red blazer and Berkinstocks, the drummer a scarf and jeans, the women gold bangles, and hints of sequins throughout. One percussionist kept rhythm on different types of pottery, another clapped. (How does her mother explain her occupation, though? "My daughter's a professional clapper"?) She was a piece of art, though, with her dark eyes constantly in the crowd and flowing hair. The electric violin was purple and practically glowed. (The violinist is someone I'd love to sit down with a discuss his views on poverty. He and the trumpeter are born performers. Him twirling his bow and jumping and the other alive in every meter).

At intermission, I bought poetry (they didn't have CDs, I mourned). While in the shop, the drummer attempted to come in casually, sporting a camera and watching people. Listening to what they asked for and what they were purchasing. He stood next to me and we appraised each other out of the corners of our eyes. As if I could miss the scarf or the hair or the way his walk had a specific beat.

The lighting crew (yes, I slipped in purposely late after intermission just to watch them. I'm I geek) performed just as much as the musicians, and silently. From the far points of the theater a background appeared to be the siloette of a man's face and a maiden, when up close it was an arch and shadowy trees. The colors faded and flashed at the perfect moments. Magic. Expecially since on stage they had added Middle Eastern rugs and pillows.

The muraled theater was gorgeous with Dante and God, but these people needed the beach and a breeze. More than perfect--what is the word?