27 de noviembre de 2008

Globe Trotter TV New York talks with Paco Rentería

A brief Bio about Paco Renteria's career:

From the same mexican region that gave birth to master guitar player Carlos Santana, Jalisco, the land of Tequila and Mariachi shakes and trembles again to gives us another gift, the virtuoso guitar player Paco Renteria.
An explosive latino passion combines with a sensual guitar playing in a new style created by Paco Renteria and properly named, Free Play.
With roots in gypsy flamenco, afrikans, oriental and progressive jazz rhythms, Free Play style melts them, liquifies them, resulting in a new sound, a new rhythm, which takes the listener thru stages of sensuality and bliss.
Paco started playing the guitar at age 7, and graduated from the Music School by age 14. At age 22, the guitar prodigy interpreted The Aranjuez Concert with the Philarmonic Orchestra of Guadalajara; a concert recognized by its major technical difficulty. Besides his formal musical education, Paco holds two university degrees, one in Law and the other in Business Administration.
Nowadays, leaving behind over 300 compositions, including four concerts for guitar and orchestra, five nocturnals and ten sonatas, Paco Renteria explores and exploits his inner feelings with Free Play. For the past seven years, this new musical style has taken Paco Renteria to well over 2,500 presentations, having played for the masses, abroad, national television, state gobernors, ambassadors, and kings.
Among others, Paco Renteria has performed hand in hand with artists such as Carlos Santana and Luciano Pavarotti.
His original composition, "El Mariachi", was the main theme for the movie "Desperado", with lyrics added and performed by Los Lobos and Antonio Banderas. Paco Renteria was a 2002 Grammy Latino nominee, in the New Age genre, for his album Oceano.
Also, Steven Spielberg's studio selected Paco Renteria for composing and performing the promotional soundtrack used in Mexico for the movie, "The Leyend of Zorro". Moreover, movie directors Francis Ford Coppola and Mel Gibson have showed interest in Paco Renteria's music talent.
Paco Renteria is the first and only artist of any nature that has been invited to perform at The National Palace of Justice, and The National Supreme Court of Justice, both in Mexico City.
Paco Renteria's next music album, to be released around February 2009, is being produced by worldwide recognized businessman, Carlos Slim Domit.
USA Press Reviews:
"Paco Rentería and his group presented a magical night of music. The concert was held on the beach under the palms and everyone there gave a standing ovation to the incredible musicians. Paco with his contemporary flamenco style, who captivated the crowd with his incredible talent for all types of music". Miami News.
"Ethereal, compelling, sensual, Paco Rentería master of the guitar". Los Angeles Times.
"Profound and electrifying … pure exhilaration, taking tradition as a blueprint for ecstasy." Sta.Helena News Times.
"Sublime, erotic, flamboyant harmony, spiritual serenity, sensual passion …" California, Independent.
"A chemistry that is hard to describe … it has allure and humour. He has a sparkling touch that beguiles and enchants at once. Ferociously gifted … no conceivable limitations … from whisper-soft pianissimos to the percussive thunder of jungle drum … his guitar roars, cries and exults". The Times of SMA.
"Meeting of Angels … a genuine collaboration, preaching purity, human expression, spontaneous". Center Magazine.
"Paco guitar music fit for kings...those listening to Rentería were held transfixed as he dazzled and hypnotised with delicious ease…he built a transcendental holding pattern reminiscent spiritual nourishment". Evening Sun, Napa Valley, California.
"Paco Rentería is a guitar player with an obviously strong personality, a natural sense of modern guitar as well as the traditional forms. Gipsy, Latin, World Music, Freeplay, wealth and diversity give him an extraordinary opening to all kinds of music". Peter Hadiss USA Magazine/Concerts San Miguel de Allende.
Paco Renteria's website (Under redesign): http://www.pacorenteriaguitar.com
Paco Renteria's blog: http://pacorenteriagitano.blogspot.com/
Paco Renteria's MySpace page, with audio clips and videos: http://www.myspace.com/pacorenteriagipsy