12 de junio de 2010

Latin guitar band dazzles Hue

Latin guitar band dazzles Hue

Freeplay: Mexican flamenco guitarist Paco Renteria performs at Hue's Royal Citadel. —VNS Photo Ngoc Duy

THUA THIEN – HUE – Anyone feeling like basking in flaming Latin guitar melodies in Hue city this week, should Paco Renteria and his band inside the Royal Citadel.

The Mexican artists on Thursday night set the atmosphere around the stage west of Thai Hoa Palace aflame, when hundreds, locals and foreigners alike, moved down from their seats to sway and twist together in time to the music.

Flamenco guitarist Renteria, who was confered by Mexican president Felipe Calderin as the musical ambassador for Mexico to foreign countries, presented his own style called "freeplay".

The style uses the freedom of combining various instruments to create the highest levels of sensation and emotion in an audience.

The artists performed fascinating works like Mariachi, Piel de Mujer and Beunion Mora. Sudden-inspiration exchanges with a humorous percussionist, a hilarious trumpet, and a polished bassist driving the crowd.

"Very good" was all that a group of French tourists exclaimed about the show.

"They have given us great moments of music virtuosity," said 23-year-old spectator Tran Thuy Linh. "They are very friendly and easygoing off stage as well."

Renteria said he felt a beautiful connection with Hue people.

"I'm very happy to be here. Look at the audience, they gave us a raptious reception," he said. "Isn't it the most important thing for me?"

"Many thanks to the Hue Festival for providing me with the opportunity to play."

Renteria said he was composing a song about Viet Nam to demonstrate his love for the country.

People hoping to see the artists can catch them at their last performance in Hue Festival tonight, on the stage to the left of the Thai Hoa Palace.

Paco Renteria is considered the most successful guitarist in his country. He was granted a special honour medal, "The excellent Mexican guitarist of contemporary arts" by the Star Square Cultural Foundation.

This year he was responsible for promoting Mexican cultural events abroad to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the country's revolution and the 200th anniversary of its independence. — VNS