21 de octubre de 2008

Paco Renteria: a gift from God to us mere mortals

By Eduardo Machuca

Paco Renteria It doesn't matter if you believe in Kukulcan, the feathered serpent god, like I do, or if you believe in Jesus Christ, like I do, or if you believe in Buddha, like I do, or if you believe in the ancient Greek and Egyptians gods, like I do, or if you are skeptical about whether or not there is a god, like I also do, when you hear Paco Renteria playing his guitar, you will be certain there is a god and Paco is his/her gift to us, mere mortals.

I was still placidly sleeping this past Saturday, after a hard night of work editing pictures from an event.Paco Renteria

So, Sunday night arrived. The concert was held at the "Peon Contreras Theater". The audio was great, aided by the resonance of the theater's architecture. Lighting was also nice but as a photographer, low light situations get us into trouble, as one has to increase ISO sensitivity with a corresponding image noise increase, in addition to using the lens wide open and still getting slow shutter speeds.

Anyway, even thought I was working, I couldn't at times but just to lower the camera and listen and see the dexterity of Paco playing the guitar.

Paco RenteriaPaco Renteria is accompanied by a group of eight young and excellent musicians, playing the percussions (2), the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar, the bass, the flute, the trumpet, and the violin.

You can see and learn more about Paco Renteria at his home page, under update at the time of this writing. Or, at his blog. You can also find videos at YouTube.com captured from his TV presentations, just search for Paco Renteria, but they are not good quality and the sound is not good either.

I often hear or read concert reviews when people describe them as "magical". Make no mistake, Paco is for real.

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